Have a blast in Hokkaido!
Everything you need including camping goods
for rent and for a great price


Clipper Van, Max 2 sleeping spots, Smoking / Non-smoking

Kei-type mini-vans rebuilt as campers offer high quality at a low price.

Spend your alloted hotel money on adventures instead!

Enjoy nature with our campers for an amazing value.

Regular fee per day:JPY 6,000(+tax)

※Deductibles:JPY 864/day

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Green Stay on Lake Toya, Campsite Fee 10%off

□With electricity, water & drain ・・・・・JPY 6,000 ⇒ JPY 5,400

□With electricity・・・・・・・・・・・JPY 5,000 ⇒ JPY 5,500


Barbecue with take away options (Other than August)

Those renting our campervans, can get a special present

- Fresh Local Vegetables!


All of the Dosanko campers only require a regular license.

However, we will only lend cars to those who held the license for over 3 years.

Unfortunately no.

We politely ask you to not board our cars with any pets or animals.

According to the Japanese law, campervans can not come with a chauffeur service.

1. Insurance deductable amount

2. Damage beyond insurance compensation amount

3. Non-operational charge

to be burdened by the customer

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